is the projected digital transactions in 2023.


customers are lost by merchants due to failed online transactions.


Go Passwordless

Reduce the risk of fraud by eliminating the use of traditional password mechanisms or One Time Passcodes(OTP).

Device Independent

Armour provides access security for a variety of websites and mobile apps where standard authentication solutions are severely limited.

Last Mile Authorization

One tap to authorise along with various device and user checks.


Reduce Churn

Increase your loyalty with your customers by avoiding social engineering attacks, password fatigue, etc., leading to enhanced customer retention and reduced churn.

Reduced CAPEX

Armour replaces physical tokens that force the user to carry additional devices at all times.

Curb swindling

You can configure different security flows in your existing business process to detect and reduce the swindling process.

A Simple Authentication Framework

Integrate our REST-based APIs seamlessly.

Built to handle high user volume. Perfect solution for businesses that are growing or have a high number of users.

Dedicated 24/7 support available.

Dedicated proactive monitoring provided 24/7.

Use Case

Online Transactions

Enterprises can detect OTP requests to a customer's number with abnormal behaviour.


Investment companies can integrate Armour and ensure that only authorized users can make changes or access sensitive information to prevent ATO attacks.


Armour helps E-Commerce companies to enable secure and authorized customer transactions while buying from their website.

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