of companies use risk scores to improve customer experience.


lower fraud losses are experienced by organizations that implement risk scoring.


Risk Score

With AI and ML, enterprises can analyze their customers' historical behaviour and create user profiles from their digital usage patterns.


Concise risk measurement based on various telecom and non-telecom data sources.

Power Your

A better understanding of each interaction's risk and assertiveness increases the level of conversions.


Agile Risk Modelling

The risk assessment model can be enhanced as per the business requirement and the evolving market.

Faster Decision Making

Businesses can make faster decisions based on the analysis received and the risk associated with it.

Business growth

Enterprises can allow, flag or block an event or enrich and complement their internal fraud management systems with niche risk indicators around mobile numbers.

Unlock the secret to De-risk your business with the power of Mobile Number

Aggregates multiple data source to provide a data rich score.

Benchmark the risk associated with a number against multiple data sources.

Dedicated 24/7 support available.

Dedicated proactive monitoring provided 24/7.

Use Case

Fake onboarding

The reputation associated with a mobile number helps assess every new user's risk. Verifying new users based on their mobile number reduces the risk of onboarding fake accounts/bad actors on your platform.

Curb SMS Fraud

Malicious activities over SMS can result in revenue-related fraud. These activities can be prevented by analyzing risk indicators in real time.

Synthetic ID Fraud

Imposters using a stolen identity to perform fraud can negatively impact a brand's reputation and cause revenue loss. Mobile-centric data can help assess risk during frauds such as Sim-Swap, account takeover, and Synthetic Identity.

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