billion is the cost of global Identity theft.


& 330 Hrs is the cost for identity restoration.


of online buyers prefer ID verification.


Ubiquitous identity

Uses Intelligence Signals to verify user and device information being used widely in the public domain.

KYC Match

Enterprises can create a fully compliant, tailored solution by having a KYC matched from a third party source.

Unmask Impersonation

Keep bad actors off your platform without compromising on customer experience.


Increased Auto Approvals

By layering TruIDV into sign-up flows, enterprises can offer stringent yet frictionless onboarding by identifying synthetic identities.

Reduced customer acquisition costs

TruIDV helps enterprises to combat promo abuse and referral fraud, thus reducing customer acquisition costs and preventing revenue loss.

Enhanced customer contactability

Optimising consumer lifecycle by managing a real-time registry of their phone numbers, devices and other identity attributes.

Discover potentially fraudulent patterns associated with a device ID

Safeguard you business with the intelligence behind device attributes.

Privacy-centric customer information matching via programmable APIs.

Dedicated 24/7 support available.

Dedicated proactive monitoring provided 24/7.

Use Case


Gaming platforms are prone to deep fake attacks. Hence, to protect legitimate customer relationships with accurate onboarding, TruIDV recognizes loyalty while reducing the risk of credit abuse.


Knowledge-based verification questions and answers in the insurance sector are common but time-consuming and expensive. Using TruIDV during onboarding enhances user experience, speeds up customer verification, and boosts security in their call centers.


TruIDV enhances security in the healthcare industry by providing its staff and partners with a password self-management approach while validating device and user identities.

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