Customer data has become an essential part of any business. Accurate customer data is becoming more and more important in the retail industry as consumers increasingly favour e-commerce over traditional retail. 

User verification processes can be time-consuming when you have to check user IDs, addresses, and other personal details every time a new user registers on your website or app. An easy way to avoid these hassles is by using technology that verifies mobile numbers through a check SIM card. 

This article will explain why this is necessary and how you can implement this feature to boost the accuracy of your customer data.

Why is it important to verify the mobile number?

A mobile number verify system lets you verify the identity of the user and prevent fraudulent activities on the platform. It can help you create a safe and reliable shopping experience for your customers. This will also help you build trust in your brand, reduce customer complaints, and increase conversions. If you are looking to integrate a payment solution on your platform, you will need to collect the user’s mobile number as part of the onboarding process. This is because mobile is the primary medium of communication for most people, and it is easy to authenticate and verify mobile numbers

You can use one of these three ways to verify mobile numbers: 

  • SMS Verification

    SMS Verification

  • SIM Verification

    SIM Verification

  • The Phone's Apps

    The Phone’s Apps

You can choose any one or a combination of these methods, depending on the user’s preferences.

Which technology should you use to verify a mobile number?

SMS verification is the most basic, cost-effective, and widely used method to verify numbers. However, it is inaccurate, as anyone can spoof or manipulate the information sent via SMS. SIM verification – It requires the user to link their SIM card to their mobile number. This ensures greater accuracy and trust in the data compared to SMS verification.

Benefits of using a SIM verification mechanism for verifying users’ mobile numbers

SIM verification is more accurate than other methods such as SMS verification and phone app verification. This is because the process of SIM verification is integrated with the phone’s SIM card. This makes it very difficult for users to manipulate the information sent to your server. Additionally, it is easier to scale this method as compared to the other two, as you have to work with telecom providers and not telecom companies.

How can you implement this?

The first thing you should do is choose a technology that allows you to verify users’ mobile numbers via the SIM card. After choosing the technology, you will have to integrate it with your existing platform. You can start by creating a new user flow that guides your customers through the process of linking their numbers with their SIM cards. 

You can use one of these methods to do so:

  • SMS


  • IVR


  • API


After you have verified the customer’s mobile number, you can store it in a database and use it to create user profiles. The data in the profiles can include the customer’s name, address, email address, and other information like their preferred language, preferred payment method, and more.


When it comes to verifying the identity of the users on your platform, nothing beats SIM verification. This is the most accurate method of verifying mobile numbers and can help you reduce fraudulent activities on your platform. With the help of technology, you can integrate a SIM verification mechanism with your existing platform and create a safe and reliable shopping experience for your customers.