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Introducing MobileIQ - An Industry First

MobilelQ is the core engine of TruSense that has a powerful Information Orchestrator and Logic Builder. With AI - ML in place, MobilelQ can effectively navigate the complex world of security with relevant data and, in turn, churn out time-critical information to lower the risk of fraud, verify identities and authenticate end users.

Our Products

  •    TruScore


    A real-time Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning based statistical model for detecting and assessing consumer phone behavior risks.

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  •    TruAuth


    A Plug & Play solution for frictionless multi-factor phone authentication and authorization using carrier-grade infrastructure.

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  •    TruIDv


    Verify user identities easily and simplify your digital onboarding process with a range of mobile-first technologies.

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  • Instil Trust & Connect Better

    Better trust and lesser risk with our mobile
    centric security products.

  • Maintain Authenticity

    Ensures that identities are not misused by scammers and fraudsters and allows for a trustworthy first impression with your customers and leads.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

    Actionable insights on listed numbers and spam support help businesses make decisions.